A Little Bit of History

Jim's Video & Audio was founded in March 1989 by Chin H. Son.  It was partnershipped in April 1989 and finally became incorporated on January 22, 1990.

Our original facility consisted of slightly over 1000 sq' at the corner of Sunshine & Fremont in Springfield, Missouri.  Business was booming and in 2003 we found it necessary to relocate into the 5000 sq' facility we are presently in, at 3211 S. Scenic, Springfield, MO  65807.

Repair vs Replacement

Ah, the question de-jour.............

Times have changed to the point that many people have developed a "throw away" mentality on things.  This is most unfortunate as a good 75-85% of broken equipment is still cost affective to repair.  Couple the savings of repair vs replacment with the fact that we cannot keep burdening Mother Earth with our garbage and you can  see wisdom in repair vs replacement.

Yes, there are situations whereby it is a "no-brainer" and the piece in question is obviously not worth fixing, (ie bad physical damage, servere lightning strikes, water and corrosion etc..........), but again, the majority of time..........this is not the case.

What To Expect
Equipment We Work On

Gawk!!!   That is kind of a loaded question.  We consider ourselves to be a full service audio/video facility.  This means we work on a wide range of both audio AND video products; including car, home, consumer grade, industrial grade and so on.  We can pretty much fix anything man makes, but are limited by the quality of support we can get for parts and service literature, (ie schematics).

That is not to say that we work on EVERYTHING.  The rule of thumb is that before we take in certain types of equipment, (ie non-a/v items and/or vintage stuff), we must first get approval from the Head Shop Technician.   He is the senior technical advisor with our facility and has last say on such issues.  And yes........he is here during normal business hours as posted below.

But what say we give a bullet list for items we service:

Contact Info & Hours

3211 S. Scenic #C
Springfield, MO   65807
email:  jimsva@att.net

M-Th ----->  8:00am -5:30pm
(NOT open Fri-Sun)